About Us

KoMnA was founded in 1994 based on 25 years of previous IT engineering ex­pe­ri­ence in the fields of process control and com­mu­ni­ca­tions systems. We specialize in solving complex IT problems that require custom approach and very spe­ci­fic knowledge. This is where standard hardware and software solutions often fail.

Why We Are Different

We always look to the future, understanding that technology evolves at a rapid pace. Our solutions are based on open standards that will allow for future expansion and customization while keeping costs in check.

We strongly believe in coope­ra­tion and see our clients as partners and close associates. We never consider our work done unless everyone is satisfied.

We offer extensive support and strive to always resolve problems ASAP. Clients are welcome to personally meet everyone involved in the project and contact them directly.

We are focused on R&D as our primary line of business. KoMnA makes no profits reselling products and is able to recommend solutions from other suppliers impartially, solely in client's best interests.