VSP (Maintenance and Service Portal) is an autonomous computer system for infor­ma­tion support in carrying out maintenance and servicing activities. It is designed as an Internet portal that allows authorized users access to permitted functions of the system using any web browser.

VSP provides mana­ge­ment and monitoring of tasks and associated activities from the moment the client (or the service provider) fills in its wishes and requests, to the moment when the task is completed and paid. Working hours spent on the task are recorded, as are the costs of services, spare parts, materials used and other similar infor­ma­tion. With this, the service provider and the customer has access to relevant accounting and statistical reports, that can be issued as formal and internal documents.

The system enables notification of users on all important events in the life-cycle of tasks and functions. The default way of notifying is via e-mail; in case of emergency, notifications can be sent by SMS (if a GSM/SMS gateway is provided). The way infor­ma­tion is provided is specified for each type of users and each type of events separately.

VSP is based on an efficient Web interface that uses dynamic web technologies, for which the use of a modern web browsers is recommended (but not required).

Security and connectivity

Functions of the VSP portal are accessible only to authorized users, directly dependent on the roles assigned and the security level the users are entitled to.

To access the portal, a login with username and password is needed. At customer's request, addi­tio­nal security measures can be implemented, such as limiting access to spe­ci­fic IP addresses and the use of digital certificates. While in use, the system collects all the needed infor­ma­tion and creates detailed log records for analysis of executed tasks.

VSP is an independent infor­ma­tion system that has all the necessary infor­ma­tion for cal­cu­la­t­ing standard maintenance and repair services. However, in infor­ma­tion-intensive environments, an integration with an ERP system is recommended. Two-way data exchange is recommended, technical im­ple­men­ta­tion is customized depending on the business environment of the system (with the use of a spe­ci­fic ALIS KIK module).

The VSP system is always customized for the customer's needs. Contact us for more infor­ma­tion and consult our developers, integrators or system administrators.