Business Informatics

Meeting businesses' ever increasing needs, KoMnA offers a wide range of software tools and IT de­ve­lop­ment services:

Our specialty is integration and interope­ra­tion of otherwise incompatible systems, including data exchange between different platforms, software products, or com­mu­ni­ca­tion protocols.

For businesses wishing to outsource, KoMnA can also undertake network maintenance, system administration, or backup and security mana­ge­ment.

Design and Im­ple­men­ta­tion

Using a project-centric approach to de­ve­lop­ment, our solutions are fully customized to match client's needs and requi­re­ments, with business objectives, user workflows, and organization's security policies carefully taken into consideration.

All our software is developed in-house, based on open platforms. We have access to every product's entire code­base, as well as the skills required for its maintenance and im­prove­ments throughout the life cycle. Our industrial automation and system pro­gramm­ing ex­pe­ri­ence allows us to make spe­ci­fic adaptations down to the lowest levels (e.g. in system calls or networking stack of the operating system).

Based on data security and confidentiality requi­re­ments, most of our systems can be set up either as on-premises or cloud software. Costs and licensing are generally independent of the number of users, even when hosted by us (software as a service),

KoMnA offers turn-key solutions as well as built to order IT systems. In either case, we always ensure smooth integration with business processes and clients' existing infrastructure.

Administration and maintenance

KoMnA provides extensive support, including system administration and network maintenance, for all our solutions as well as third-party server software. Real time (RAID, database replication) and daily (hot back­ups) archi­ving for disaster recovery come as standard, as does cryp­to­graphic protection of all com­mu­ni­ca­tions, including those li­mi­ted to local networks only.

Most of our systems use client-server architecture, requiring no addi­tio­nal software on users' computers except for a reasonably modern web browser. This allows for all maintenance work to be done server-side, with only minimal in­terr­up­tions. Unix (or Unix-like) operating systems are used for all our servers, most of them running Open­BSD.

We try to only use hardware with well documented chipsets, as this means that high-quality drivers are available for both open-source and commercial operating systems (vendors or brand names are less important, and often misleading). Most server software is proactively secure and doesn't need service packs or anti-virus scanning, except in (very rare) special circumstances. Regular maintenance is carried out by KoMnA, remotely and without addi­tio­nal costs.

Perhaps KoMnA can help your organization, too. Contact us to directly consult our developers and system administrators.