Privacy Policy

The best (and in many cases the only) way to protect personal infor­ma­tion is not to collect it at all. We are committed to this approach as much as technically and legally possible.

The following privacy assurances apply to only. Our other websites may abide by different principles.

KoMnA d.o.o. does not collect any infor­ma­tion about the visitors to our site — neither personal, nor statistical. All web pages (except search results!) are static HTML documents and do not use cookies or any other technology that would allow personal identification or people tracking.

Certain data (including the IP number!) do get stored temporarily into the web server's log files. These can only be accessed by server administrators and will be deleted after a few days. Such infor­ma­tion will never be used for any personal or statistical processing.

In practice, this means that we are protecting your privacy and anonymity as much as we possibly can. But note that any unencrypted infor­ma­tion and all metadata can be (and probably is being) intercepted in transit, which is beyond our control. We can not guarantee total privacy, anonymity, or security.