Dedicated Server

KoMnA Server is a software platform, designed spe­ci­fically for our servers. It's based on the Open­BSD operating system with custom configuration and addi­tio­nal server software, as well as application solutions developed in-house. These days, our servers mostly run on PC architectures (i386, amd64), some SPARC (Sun UltraSPARC) or (rarely) MacPPC (Apple PowerPC).

The server is primarily used for our company's needs and for hosting of our solutions. It can be configured for all other needs of our clients, such as fire­wall, mail server, file server, authentication server or as a backup server. We ensure rapid deployment, training of users and good maintenance.

Mail Server

Mail server KoMnA enables the client complete control over their e-mail and the highest possible level of security and privacy of messages. The server enables:

  • sending and receiving e-mails for one or more domains, with support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP with SSL (SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS) and TLS encryption,

  • antivirus protection with enabled inspection of the content of archive files (zip, tar, tar.gz, RAR, ARJ, CAB, ...),

  • protection against unwanted messages (filtering, grey and black lists, message analysis) with the option of archi­ving intercepted messages,

  • access to mailboxes through a web interface (webmail),

  • user groups with per group rules,

  • access to the administration interface via web (webadmin), with group mana­ge­ment and mana­ge­ment of features and server settings,

  • mailbox size limit and allowed or disallowed attachments (screening of compressed files) in messages for individual groups,

  • automatic user notification of exceeded limits,

  • archive of all messages that pass through the server and controlled access to the archives,

  • addi­tio­nal options such as archi­ving to remote locations, SMS notification of received messages, traffic surveys, analysis of links between senders and recipients, etc.

Data Server

Data server enables storage of your data in the local area network (NAS – Network-attached storage) via the SMB/CIFS and NFS protocols) or on the Internet (FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, or SSH. SFTP, VPN connections), with simultaneous access for multiple users.

Addi­tio­nal options are strict access control, automatic backup, separate access for customers or the public, electronic document signing with time stamping, revision control, etc.


We also offer installation and maintenance of fire­walls with packet filters and various proxy servers. Such services are usually implemented as a part of an overall threat analysis or im­ple­men­ta­tion of company wide security policy that consists of:

With selecting fire­wall hardware, special emphasis is given to the quality of network interfaces. All our fire­walls (without exception) and other security servers are Open­BSD based and have never been a target of any successful attacks.