ALIS (Autonomous Logistics Infor­ma­tion System) is an integrated solution for coordinated mana­ge­ment of ware­house storage and logistics ope­ra­tions.

The system consists of multiple modules. Depending on client's needs, these can be implemented either individually or combined. The modules are as follows:

  • ALIS GIK is a Ware­house Mana­ge­ment Subsystem (WMS), providing high-level control over storage facilities, inventory of goods, and related tran­s­port logistics.

  • ALIS PIK is a Material Flow Control Subsystem (MFCS), operating automated tran­s­port routes or production/packaging lines. Its key advantage is intelligent mana­ge­ment of high-bay VNA ware­houses.

  • ALIS TIK is an input/output subsystem managing wireless handheld terminals (such as barcode or RFID readers) to fa­ci­li­tate manual ope­ra­tions.

  • ALIS KIK is a connectivity module, providing an upstream link to company's other infor­ma­tion systems, such as financial or inventory mana­ge­ment software.

Made to Order

ALIS is completely tailored to every client: the design of the database, mana­ge­ment algorithms, user interfaces, and all other elements can be customized to match the spe­ci­fics of organization's logistics processes, com­mu­ni­ca­tion channels and ter­mi­no­logy. We own 100% of the system's code­base, so we're able to implement any kind of modifications requested by clients.

Each ALIS deployment is set up and maintained directly by our developers who are always (24/7) available to offer technical assistance.

Independent Ope­ra­tion

An important advantage of the system is its ability to reliably run even when individual tran­s­port segments fail or connections to upstream systems are lost. Throughout the design and de­ve­lop­ment, special consideration was given to handling such events, including the im­ple­men­ta­tion of spe­ci­fic degraded modes of ope­ra­tion that the system can automatically switch to.